Your Generosity Helps Us Do The #WorkThatMatters. Thank you!

You may contact our Academic Director, Sue Heilmayer, to arrange a donation at either (513) 556-2952, or [email protected]. Or you can donate via PayPal below. 


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Here’s what your tax-deductible gift means to local students and teachers:
$15 supports one child for an entire year of learning in our StEP program
$50 pays for two student teams to participate in the Stock Market Game
$100 Provides the startup funds for one class to develop its own classroom business and showcase it at Market Madness, a citywide marketplace hosted by the Economics Center
$250 covers the cost of economic and financial education lessons and materials for one classroom
$500 pays for a teacher to attend professional development sessions to learn how to integrate economics into the classroom
$1,000 Provides the startup funds for one school to develop a social entrepreneurship t-shirt company or coffee shop
$5000 provides the materials for one elementary school to participate in our StEP program for an entire year


Want to help local students by volunteering your time? Maybe that’s spending a few hours at a lively, crowded StEP store, helping kids spend and donate their hard-earned StEP bucks. Or lending your creativity to student participants in our Traveling T-shirt Company program. Or maybe you can help us at our enormous Market Madness event, where thousands of Tristate children gather to show off and sell products they’ve created in their classrooms. We offer a number of programs that require volunteers to run smoothly!

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