Alpaugh ScholarsLeadership Program

The Alpaugh Scholars Leadership Program provides a unique opportunity for Greater Cincinnati educators to interact with community leaders from throughout the region.

Previous Alpaugh Classes

Angela Achor

Sarah Beischel

Molly Burke

Katie Colonel

Tina Conrad

Doug Davis

Brooke Decker

Kristen Fouss

Katherine Gregory

Kathy Griggs

Nancy Hands

Brindi Hellinger

Emily Holmes

Emily Huff

Gina Johnson

Faith Nixon

Sharon Peters

Roberta Phillips

Elyse Rieder

Elizabeth Runnels

Elizabeth Rutherford

Cathy Schuster

Lauren Gentene 

Steve Prescott 

Faren Hill 

Heather Campbell-Lieberman 

Jeremy West 

Scott Toon 

Kimberly Mack 

Adrienne Martin 

Danny McCrea 

James Zoller 

Jesse Kohls 

Christa Buchholzer 


Alexandria Behne

Sarah Beischel

Sheena Dunn

Andy Farfsing

Jeff Groh

Cash Hayden

Lizanne Ingram

Thomas Kresyman

Marie Miller-Steffen

Jared Oubre

Courtney Reece 

Colleen Williams

Jennifer Williams

Jon Wilson




Alpaugh Scholars 2023-2024 Financial Literacy PD Series

The Alpaugh Scholars PD Series is a professional development program for educators in the Greater Cincinnati area. This PD series provides educators with the opportunity to learn about economic and financial education, attend engaging, interactive on-site PD at different educational institutions throughout the Greater Cincinnati community, and network with other educators and community leaders. Locations will include the American Sign Museum, the Cincinnati Public Library’s MakerSpace, the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, and the Cincinnati Museum Center.

The 2023-2024 Alpaugh Scholars PD Series consists of four in-person workshops, held in the fall and spring. Each workshop will focus on a different topic related to economic and financial education and will be located at different educational locations in the Greater Cincinnati area. Educators will receive resources from locations to use in their classrooms as well as resources from the Center.

Benefits of the Alpaugh Scholars Program

  • Alpaugh Scholars 2023-2024 Certificate
  • CEU contact hours
  • $100 Amazon gift card for attending three of the four workshops
  • Email of recognition to the educator’s principal/supervisor letting them know they have completed the financial literacy PD series
  • Name listed on the Center’s website as an Alpaugh Scholar for the 2023-2024 academic year


The Alpaugh Scholars Program is open to all educators in the Greater Cincinnati area.


To be a part of the 2023-2024 Alpaugh Scholars cohort, you simply need to register for the workshop at and attend three of the four Alpaugh Scholars in-person workshops in the fall and spring. At that time, you will receive a $100 Amazon gift card, Alpaugh Scholars cohort completion certificate, and a recognition email from our Executive Director to your principal/supervisor.

The Alpaugh Leadership Program is made possible through the generous support of the Alpaugh Family Foundation

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