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Helping students develop the real-life skills they can use to succeed is at the heart of our educational mission. Our student programs and competitions promote economic and financial education in a way that is exciting, fun, engaging, and, most importantly, experiential. Independent research shows that experiential learning and programs bolsters academic achievement of students across subjects.

Stock MarketGame

The Stock Market Game™ program is an online market simulation allowing students to manage a virtual stock portfolio with real-time data and compete against other teams and schools regionally. This game encourages students to get engaged in the content, with a competitive twist, all while teaching them the fundamentals of economics and topics on saving and investing. The Stock Market Game is proven to improve math scores of students.


Full Year SMG: 9/23/24 – 4/11/25
Fall SMG: 10/7/24 – 12/13/24
Spring SMG: 2/3/25 – 4/11/25


How Students Play:

Each team starts with a virtual cash account of $100,000. Students strive to create the best-performing portfolio using a live trading simulation. They work together in teams and practice leadership, organization, negotiation, and cooperation as they compete for the top spot. The setup is engaging and the learning is a natural part of the experience.

Resources for Teachers

The Stock Market Game™ program offers a vast library of learning materials correlated to national voluntary and state educational standards in Math, Business Education, Economics, English/Language Arts, Technology, Social Studies and Family and Consumer Sciences. This resource has inspired many teachers to incorporate the program into classes in creative ways – at all levels, from fourth grade to college, all across the curriculum.

The program also teaches and reinforces these essential skills and concepts:

  • Critical thinking
  • Decision-making
  • Cooperation and communication
  • Independent research
  • Saving and investing

Since 1977, the program has given educators a way to improve the learning experience in thousands of classrooms. Teachers have successfully used The Stock Market Game™ program to enliven core academic subjects including Math, Social Studies and Language Arts, and research has shown there’s no better way to learn the importance of saving and investing.

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The Ohio Personal Finance Challenge

The Ohio Personal Finance Challenge is an opportunity for high school students in Ohio to demonstrate their knowledge of Personal Finance by competing with other students across the state in an online competition.

There is no cost to either teachers or students to participate in the Challenge!

The top ten Ohio student teams with the highest scores will then compete for the state title. Each team will be given a hypothetical family scenario. They will have two hours to create a PowerPoint presentation on their financial recommendations for the family. Each team will have 10 minutes to present their financial plan to our panel of expert judges. Wireless internet access is available. Teams will be required to bring their own laptop computer(s).

*Bear in mind, the look of the competition could change, given the pandemic and social-distancing requirements.*

For more information, go to the official Ohio Personal Finance Challenge website.

For more details and registration, CLICK HERE

National economicschallenge
The National Economics Challenge is a fun and free way for students to flex their intellectual muscle and test their knowledge of economics. Competitions are held at the State, National Semi-Final, and National Final levels for high school students in two divisions: the Adam Smith Division, for advanced placement, international baccalaureate and honors students; and the David Ricardo Division for semester general economics students.


The “Adam Smith” Division is restricted to students enrolled in courses labeled AP, IB, honors, differentiated, or college level. Any economics course as a two-semester course also falls in this division.

The “David Ricardo” Division is restricted to students enrolled in one-semester or less high school courses not labeled as AP, IB, honors, differentiated, or college level.

For more details and registration, CLICK HERE

Talk to Us

For questions or more information about the National Economics Challenge, please contact Emily Schalk at 513-556-5198 or email [email protected].

Traveling T-Shirt Company

Did you know that the average person owns around fourteen t-shirts? Did you know that students buy an average of three school-related t-shirts each year? Everybody loves a good t-shirt! So, why not use the t-shirt as a way to teach students about entrepreneurship, globalization, and U.S. History?

The goal of the Traveling T-Shirt Company is to provide students with an opportunity to integrate service learning within the social studies curriculum. During the Traveling T-Shirt Company, entrepreneurship, financial literacy, globalization and history combine with service learning to promote the development of a sense of purpose in the lives of students.

The Traveling T-Shirt Company Curriculum

  • 3-6 week supplemental curriculum designed to explain the history of the t-shirt beginning with initial military use and continuing through current cultural implications of the t-shirt as a ‘fashion must’.

  • Students are interviewed for positions in the company (CEO, Marketing/Advertising Director, Art Director, Technology Director).

  • Students choose a local nonprofit organization that will receive a portion of their t-shirt sales.

  • In small groups, students create a business plan to sell t-shirts to peers (design, advertise, order, deliver).

  • Students present their plan to Economics Center staff who choose the winning design.

  • A local entrepreneur visits the classroom to collaborate and discuss t-shirt design (color, logo, etc.) with the students.

The Traveling T-Shirt Company Curriculum provides:

  • A direct correlation to Ohio Common Core Standards (language arts/mathematics/social studies)

  • Entrepreneurship skill development (writing of a business plan)

  • Important job application, resume writing, and interview skills

  • Collaboration and decision making skills

  • Presentation and public speaking development skills

  • A service learning connection through nonprofit donation

  • Educators with CEU credits for implementation of the curriculum in the classroom

For more information, please contact Emily Schalk at [email protected].

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