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In case you missed some of our Center research team's work in the news:

Local 12’s Brad Underwood reported on the Center’s current work to measure the economic impact of Black-owned businesses in the Tristate, and to compile a directory of those businesses. We’re proud that our research team is doing this important work! 

Local 12 Reports on the Research to Measure Economic Impact of Black-Owned Businesses in Greater Cincinnati
Local 12 Covers the Center’s Research into the Cliff Effect

Local 12 focuses on the Center’s recent research on behalf of the Women’s Fund of The Greater Cincinnati Foundation into the “cliff effect”. The “cliff effect” occurs when a household loses eligibility for public assistance programs after its income surpasses the threshold set by federal poverty guidelines. Unfortunately, sometimes the bump in income isn’t worth as much as the value of those lost benefits. 

Local 12’s Continuing Coverage of the Eviction Crisis in the Tristate

The Center’s Co-Director of Research was interviewed by Local 12 in a story about the “mass evictions” that could be coming, once eviction courts re-open. It’s another devastating economic ripple effect of the pandemic, and it could be an especially critical situation for Greater Cincinnati. 

Local 12 Covers Dohn Community High School’s Diploma Delivery; References Center Research into the Economic Impact of Dohn Graduates

Local 12 covered the special diploma delivery to Dohn Community High School Class of 2020 graduates, after an in-person graduation ceremony wasn’t possible because of the pandemic.  We’re proud of the work our researchers did this spring to demonstrate the economic impact of those Dohn graduates. You’ll find a link to our research in the story. 


The Biden administration is now pushing for a set of policies aimed at increasing access to affordable childcare. Childcare issues were one of the top reasons women left the workforce during the pandemic. Brad Underwood from Local 12 interviewed Senior Research Associate Megan Heare in this story about the shortage of affordable daycare options in the Tristate, and she shared new data about one major factor: low childcare worker wages.

LOCAL 12: Co-director of research chris nicak interviewed in a story about the widening racial wealth gaps in the pandemic

Center Co-Director of Research Chris Nicak was interviewed in this Local 12 News story about the racial gap in home ownership in Cincinnati, which likely has widened during the pandemic.

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